Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Elizabeth Harborne & Ann Scutt - continued progress on Margret Gatis - Day 7 & 8

Here are the details and pictures of the completed samplers.  I had intended to post the fully framed Elizabeth Harborne but doubt I will get the time to do this before Nicola's birthday so for now I just stuck it into the frame intended for it.  If I get the time to lace it and frame it in time I will post it.  I still have to choose and order the frame for Ann Scutt.  Now that it seems that there is a lull in snow storms for the latter part of the week we will be busy playing catch up in the office so cannot be sure if I will feel like lacing and framing this up in the evenings...    

Elizabeth Harborne 1647 - an adaptation :                            
Threads : AVAS silks
Fabric : Zweigart Belfast (32ct.) linen - Cream 
Started on :  Wednesday evening, May 15,2013
Completed on : Saturday morning, January 25,2014
# of days of stitching (averaging 3 hours/day): 30
Framed up on :
Elizabeth Harborne - frame check

Ann Scutt 1675 - an adaptation :
Threads : AVAS silks - added a darker gold tone in addition to the one recommended
Fabric : 35ct. Ivory linen
Started on :  Tuesday evening, December 24,2013
Completed on : Tuesday evening,  February 11,2014
# of days of stitching (averaging 3 hours/day): 12
Framed up on :

Ann Scutt 1675 - an adaptation

Here is the progress on Margret Gatis since my last posting - Day7 & 8
 ... got a fair amount of the sampler marked for the next few bands thanks to the snow days.  However, did not get much stitching done because of some of movies we watched during the storms.
Margret Gatis - Day 8
Margret Gatis - Day 8
Thanks Marsha for choosing to reproduce these samplers - I truly enjoyed stitching both Elizabeth Harborne and Ann Scutt !  I am enjoying continuing with Margret Gatis for now...


Bethany said...

Amazing, how you stitch so quickly. I think I should move to band samplers, they are not as wide and then bands move faster. At least when looking at your posts, the days seem to fly by.

Jenny said...

These are all just lovely, Nupur. You have done a beautiful job stitching them and so quickly too....

Krista said...

Gorgeous Nupur!!! Your stitching is quite amazing! These will be such treasures!

Nicola said...

Wonderful Nupur. These are STUNNING samplers and I feel blessed to have followed your journey with them.

Maria del Valle said...

Very beautiful, amazing works Nupur!!