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Margaret Randolph
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Monday, 17 February 2014

Some finishes and new starts

Long time, no post.  I lost my blogging mojo during the summer and it has taken a while to find it again. Anyway, I have two and a half finishes and two starts.

First up I present Diligence. I actually finished stitching this in June but I didn't get around to framing it until just before Christmas.

Linen - 35ct from kit
Threads - AVAS from kit
The frame came from the Range and cost £8.99! I think it suits the piece quite well.
My next finish is Bird in Bough and, again, the frame came from the Range.  I was a bit masochistic with this one and chose to follow chart A which involved stitching the bough and leaves in split stitch and stem stitch.  It would have been so much easier if I'd stitched it all in cross stitch!
Linen - 36 ct , tea dyed by me
Threads - DMC

Then I started the Twigg Miniatures.  I have managed to finish L.T. (over two, what's not to like)  and have made a good start on Sarah Twigg (over one, daylight stitching only).

Linen - 30ct WDW Parchment
Threads - my own conversion to DMC

Sorry about the picture but it was taken during the evening.

And, last but not least,  I have started The Gardner Pocketbook as a relief from the over one on Sarah Twigg. Only trouble is, I'm not sure about the background colours and may make a few changes.

This is stitched over two on 35ct WDW angel hair with DMC threads.

Well, that's me caught up on my Scarlet Letter stitching. Hopefully, I won't take so long between posts.

Regards, Anne


Kevin said...

Congrats on your finishes. I especially like Diligence, and must add that one to my Scarlet Letter shopping list! Bird in Bough is beautiful, and your stem stitch and split stitch really are nice additions. Looking forward to your future updates.

Jonette said...

Your stitching is beautiful. I chickened out and did Bird in Bough with all cross stitch. I just started LT and do not like my color conversion. Would you mind sharing yours? I really like your colors. Happy Stitching!

Debbie Bauer said...

Your samplers are spectacular! Love the frame on Diligence!

Nicola said...

The post was definitely worth waiting for. Your stitching is beautiful.

I am going to Truro tomorrow and will be near the Range. I feel a visit is a MUST. Frames isle here I come.

Cindy L said...

Wow! So many beautiful've been so busy stitching and no time to post!

Bethany said...

Yes indeedy...... So many samplers and I agree with Cindy, if I would just stitch and not answer or try and answer every post, I might finish more. O'well, I would rather praise every stitcher for the wonderful accomplishments in the last year.

Dawn said...

Beautiful finishes!! You did a great job with suitable frames too. I love those miniatures, I think I will put them on my short list of next projects.
Thank you for sharing!

A Canny Stitcher said...

Hi, Jonelle. I can't access your e-mail so I hope you check back on the comments. Here is my DMC conversion.
3371- darkest brown
3052- medium green
3862- medium grey brown
612- medium beige
3813- light grey green
Ecru- off white
3051- dark blue green
642- medium grey green
782- dark gold
3852- medium gold

for Sarah Twigg, you will also need;
939- dark navy blue
518- bright blue

I'm not sure about the bright blue but I've stitched it now and I'm not keen on frogging over one.
I hope this helps.


Jonette said...

Thank you so much for the conversion info!

Maria del Valle said...

Congratulations on your finishes!!