Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Wednesday, 12 March 2014

A little progress . . .

I have loved trying to catch up with all the beautiful finishes and near-finishes from the end of  Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year!!! Humbling to even observe them!

So glad this didn't end! What would I do without being able to stop in here and admire the handiwork of all of you?!

Well, I have been disappointed with my own progress.  Still, a little more has made it on the linen without being "ribbited" the next time I was able to pick her back up.  Loving the time I do get with her regardless :-)  Even when I think the colors don't belong together, I end up liking the effect the next time I get to look at her.

Happy stitching to all of you!


Sorry the picture didn't load before.  Just had time to try again.  Hope it works!


Bethany said...

Your photo hasn't come through, at least for me. Would love to see your progress

Lanie said...

Oh how I love this border ... so pretty, Rachel!

Maria del Valle said...

Lovely progress, I like colors!!

Cindy L said...

I just love this border....such pretty colors!

Nicola said...

I think the colours look delicious together. The photos shows them so well.

I cannot wait to see your next photo Rachel.

Cheryl Matzker said...

I am new here but am totally addicted to Samplers. I love looking at everyone's work.
I even save copies of their progress so if I get stuck anywhere while stitching, I can just look to see how another stitcher did that particular area on her sampler.

You guys are amazing and I can't wait to start sharing some of my work.

If you don't mind, I gotta know what the name of this floral piece is. The little flower colors are so pretty and it is killing me trying to find the name. lol

Krista said...

This is such a pretty start. The floral border has such pretty colors. What is the name of the sampler?

Cheryl Matzker said...

Found the name of the beautiful colored floral sampler. It is
MARY ANN MICHELL circa 1810 and can be found at the Scarlet Letter. It is really pretty.