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Margaret Randolph
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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Manifesto and Ruth progress (NOT MUCH!!!)

It's been a long time and I have been very remiss.  Happy Very Belated Birthday to Nicola, thank you for this blog idea, I have so enjoyed it even if I haven't participated much in the latter part of the year.  It has been a very rough year for my family, illness and  deaths of close family members, my brother and my daughter's partner. Spring is almost here (at least in Houston, not in other parts of the US) and a time of new beginnings, this year hopefully better than last.

I have stitched a little on the two Scarlet Letter projects that I began toward the middle of last year.  Thank goodness I finished Dorothy Walpole early in the year or I would be too embarrassed to even come back to this blog!!

Here is Ruth Batcheler, she is very pretty and also has given me fits.  I need to be much more careful in reading the directions because I have made many color mistakes, however I have not tried to correct them, I think no one will ever be able to figure out what I screwed up.  Besides, it makes it more mine!!  (How is that for logic?)  I haven't stitched much on this one, I put it aside last year and have only done a small amount, I only stitch on it on the weekends when I am not dead tired the way I am most nights after work  So the going is definitely slow, but I have put it into a more routine rotation now so I intend to get it finished this year (sometime).
 Note the unique placement of the frame, on two doorknobs!!  It was hard to get it placed somewhere and not have shadows on it.  I am on the second and third lines of alphabets which are satin stitched, don't really like satin stitch much, I guess because I feel like mine always look bad.  If anyone has the trick to making them look good I hope  you will share it with me.  This is obviously not a close up so you can't really tell what the mistakes are but the alphabet letters are not always in the proper color order!!

Does anyone know if this sampler is still at the Fitzwilliam Museum?  I would love to see it in person and will be in Cambridge later in the spring.  On that note, I was able to go to the Clothworkers Centre in December.  That is  the new home for textiles belonging to the V and A.  I saw several samplers, all unbelievably beautiful.  (Lots of band samplers, seeing those and seeing so many of you doing the band samplers really make me want to start one.) I also saw some caskets, absolutely gorgeous, how in the world did those girls do those????  Let me encourage you to go there if you are in London.  You have to make an appointment to see the textiles and you go online to view the ones you want to see and they pull them for you.  Then you actually get to get as close as you want, take pictures, draw from them, whatever.  It is really inspiring.

Now, here is Manifesto, I have done a good portion of the left corner, as I said earlier when I started it, this will be a long work in progress.  But it is gorgeous.  Before I end this post, let me say that even though I haven't posted much I have continued to follow the progress of you all and have loved seeing all the pictures of the beautiful samplers.  What a wonderful opportunity to see the work of so many talented needleworkers!!


Bethany said...

Just don't give up, many stitch a lot more hours than we all have time for, but it is truly and inspiration.
As far as seeing the textiles, I was with family in England and I said, I didn't care where the rest of the went, but I was taking a day to view the textiles and the VA Museum and I would do this again.... WOW what a place to get lost in the old world of stitching.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

We are off the Clothmakers in just one week!!

Nicola is very keen to visit The Fitzwilliam Museum too so I think we should organise a trip for that one too.

I love your door knob display idea, very clever.

Theresa said...

The colors on Ruth are so pretty on that linen. I love it!

Nicola said...

A wonderful post Sonja, your work is always a feast for the eyes. Never feel an obligation to the blog, it is here for you whenever you want to pop in but we do enjoy seeing your work.

We are visiting the Clothmakers next week and I am so excited to see our chosen samplers and to meet my pin pals.

Maybe next year you could join us at the Fitzwilliam.

Serena B said...

Never fear you will get there Sonja,lovely stitching! I especially think your colours and linen for Ruth look perfect! Kudos to your for having a finish during the challenge,I have yet to have one. Looking forward to seeing more of your progress.