Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Saturday, 1 March 2014

Sarah, Pretty and Tall

Wow this is a loooooong sampler! 

I had so hoped to have Sarah finished for Nicola's special day, but unfortunately, did not make it!  However I am getting close to a finish:


It has been so cold and wintery here!  But, our kids are enjoying the snow:

And, in between stitching on Sarah Limah, I started Frances Marshall....loving the colors in this one!
I hope all of you are getting through this loooooong winter ok!  We have had a lot of snow...everyone is talking about it!

I have tried to upload more photos for you, but for some reason they won't will try to do another blog post soon!  I am so enjoying reading this blog and seeing everyone's stitching!

 Meanwhile, hope all of you are staying warm, enjoying a hot drink and doing some fun stitching!



Krista said...

Beautiful work on both Frances and Sarah! Every time I see your posts with more of Sarah I love her even more!

Nicola said...

That flower on Frances is gorgeous and Sarah is stunning. You cannot be too far from a finish.

What fun to have some ice to play hockey on - there are a few advantages to this winter after all :o))

Cindy L said...

You are stitching two beautiful samplers! I also love that flower on Frances.