Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Monday, 14 April 2014

Spring Fever with Scarlett Letter!

Ok folks this is my front yard as of last week.  I will post an update later in the week after this week's rain and high temps (TWO whole days of 75 degree weather! wow!  The kids already have the water balloons out today...)

So it is definitely spring fever around here!  I am stitching (ahem. gulp.) on a few (just a very few!) SL samplers.  Here they are:

Frances Marshall is coming along nicely!

IAMEK has some neat color combinations in it!  this was from a kit I received from winning a SL gift certificate (still amazed at that win!)

and,  (drum roll)here is Sary Burditt!

(Now do you believe me when I say I have Spring fever?  : )

and just for fun, here is a picture of the girls' new calves (they each asked Daddy if they could use their money to buy and raise a calf.  Of course he said yes....sigh)....

So, just to be a part of the crowd, I decided this year I better stitch a SL sampler that has a calf in it.  : )  (and how timely with that Easter sale going on right now, thanks to Marsha! (and Nicole, and Joann.) 

(so, this summer while everyone else is out weeding the garden(s), guess what I will be doing!)

 : )
happy stitching,


Krista said...

Great WIPs! The photo of your girls with the calves is very sweet.

Lanie said...

Wow look at all the great projects you are working on ... keep us posted in your progress!

Vera said...

What fun - so many projects!! And the calves with your daughters are so cute.

Brenda in WI said...

You are a girl after my own heart. I always have several (lol) samplers in process. I think I am nuts but who cares. It makes me happy. Your samplers are beautiful. I have Frances Marshall so will have to get that one out also. Enjoying your progress.

Cindy L said...

WOW, three samplers going at the same time. They all look wonderful.

Nicola said...

Each sampler is beautiful as is your stitching.

Are your girls going to be able to part with the calves when they are grown?

Rachel F said...

What a wonderful spring fever to catch! Each of your stitching projects look like so much fun. Looking forward to seeing them progress.
The girls and those darling calves--too sweet!
Enjoy this long awaited spring!

Bethany said...

You know once spring arrives, then the outdoor calls. Be careful what you wish for. Beautiful sampler choices.....Looking forward to seeing them come to life

samplerlover said...

Beautiful pieces.