Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Monday, 25 August 2014


Here is progress as of Saturday.  I worked on her last night, filling in the points under that last row of white.  Let me refresh your memory......I am even worse about directions.  I had read the instructions at some point but yesterday when I picked her up after a weeks absence!!! I failed to look at the directions......because I knew what I was doing, right???  Uh, no, evidently not.  So I ended up taking out stitches!! I was actually looking at pictures that I had taken of the original sampler and I thought, hum, wonder why Marsha didn't chart the colors this way, then I thought to myself, uhhhh oh no.  And sure enough I had screwed up section 75 and 76.  Well, all fixed now, so I am on my way again!

And the exciting thing is that I got to turn the scroll frame and I can feel the end is in sight!  Oh, Ruth you are a beauty!  So I will post again soon, probably when I finish this Irish Stitch section, but she does just keep getting more and more lovely.  

I haven't worked on Manifesto at all, way too much to do, and I am afraid I will choose another sampler when I finish with this one, I have my eye on Ann Smith...........


Scarlet Letter said...

Sonja, you are a true centurion to stick with this sampler, which was hand charted ages ago. I commend you. It's a stinker, but so worth the effort. Thank you for staying with it.

Jenny said...

Your sampler is looking just beautiful, Sonja!

Krista said...

Beautiful progress, Sonja!!

Bethany said...

A beautiful sampler. I think I would have stuck with my mistake in colors. When it effects the or all design of the piece, that is different, but colors, "No one would even notice" Enjoy reaching the finish.

donnacrafts said...

Your work is lovely. I like the color combination and the design. Thanks for posting your progress!! Manifesto is a large undertaking, I understand why you are putting it off. I am also..