Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Monday, 18 August 2014

Ruth Update

I do love this blog, I just don't get to  post enough!!  It's been a very busy summer and I haven't been able to stitch nearly enough.  I have been busy doing projects other than Ruth Bacheler, but I have gone back to her now.  Here she is!!

She is so pretty, I took this last week and I have worked since then, finished this entire section that is in progress and started under the pink line. So I am on the home stretch now!!  But Halloween is calling to me, I love to stitch Halloween projects!!!

I was able to get to see the original sampler this past May!!  We stayed near Cambridge and I made arrangements with the Fitzwilliam Museum staff to pull several samplers out of their archives to view.  It was spectacular, and Ruth Bacheler is so pretty and really so well preserved, the colors are just as beautiful as they are on the reproduction.  It is smaller, must be done on a 50 count or higher, I was so blown away.  If you ever have the chance to go to the Fitzwilliam, do it!!!

Thank you for all the beautiful work I have been enjoying!! Even though I haven't posted much I do check the blog frequently to see all the beauties, you all do good work!!!!


Joanne O'H said...

Sonja, your work is absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to see more!

Nicola said...

The UK SL stitchers are planning to visit the Fitzwilliam in 2015 and Ruth will be on our Must See list.

It is always a joy to see your stitching.

JoAnn said...

For a moment I thought your post said your got the original Ruth and when I reread it, you said, "I got to see the original"
Here my heart was dancing for you.

Your stitching is beautiful. I hope you soon get tired of your Halloween projects and finish Ruth, we are all anxious to see her.

Theresa said...

Those colors are so gorgeous! This is such a pretty sampler.

Jenny said...

Your stitching is just lovely and Ruth looks absolutely amazing! Visiting England someday is a must for me and the Fitzwilliam is definitely on my list!

Bethany said...

I envy those who are able to see the antiques in person. I know, I drove to visit my mother once in Ohio, on the way back home, I stopped at the Charleston Museum and was able to view quite a few of their samplers, behind the scenes. It was such I wonderful treat. Your sampler is lovely. Can you imagine doing this piece on 50count or smaller?

Cindy L said...

It must have been so inspirational to see Ruth in person. Your stitching is beautiful.