Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
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Monday, 18 August 2014

Ruthy Rogers long awaitted update

My Ruthy Rogers update is long overdue!
i did not feel i had much done so I kept stitching away as time was slipping away too. I am enjoying every moment stitching this but i am slow. Trying to stitch the filling stitch one handed seems to take me a long time, i can see the benifit of two hands with  this stitch!  But.... at least i can do it and I am geting it done, that is all that matters! I am posting the picture from the last post and todays, this way you can see the differences. I have to admitt I want to start another, I love so many of the kits i want to work on all of them now. I will behave myself however and only work on one or two at a time. Thank you for letting me share this! Bob

This is the last posting  pic 
Todays updated paicture


Bethany said...

I can't believe how much you have completed. When I am stitching over one, I stitch with one hand, because my stitches seem to come out looking more uniform. I know what you are saying about the time it takes, moving with one hand above the linen and then below takes a lot of time with one hand or two. I can't imagine doing stem stitch. When are stitching pieces are finished, it is all worth it. My mom is always saying, "We stitcher's mustall be crazy".

sallyfr said...

You really have progressed with this one. Ruthy is one of my favourite charts and I will look forward to seeing and reading about your progress.

Nicola said...

Ruthy is really coming on Bob. I tried to do stem stitch with one hand - it is not easy. I have so much respect for what you are able to do.

Is that your new Millennium frame I can see?

Theresa said...

Wow! you've gotten so much done! Looks so great! I am impressed with anyone that can do Ruthy Rogers : )

Cindy L said...

Bob, your Ruthy is coming along so nicely. We can see your wonderful progress.