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Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Saturday, 6 September 2014

Long lost stitcher . . .

It is a rainy day here and so much cooler!  Sadly it is already dark when I drive to work and almost dark on my way home :(

Feels as though I have missed a couple, maybe even a few, seasons of Scarlet Letter Samplers!  I lost my way on a sampler I had spent so much time trying to figure out how to personalize in memory of my Dad.  Poor Sarah Siddall sat wrapped in a pillowcase for many months in a closet.  Finally in June, I unwrapped her, pulled out all my amateurish attempts at graphing, collected threads and notes about what I had been trying to do.  I felt the loss of my father so freshly looking at all of that. I needed time to be able to take her up again.

We had a small vacation planned for just the four of us over summer break.  I was ready to start anew!  I packed everything up including a light. The first day, I set up a corner at our vacation rental as soon as the boys were tucked in.

Very little stitching occurred, maybe half a thread length before my youngest son was sick.  Fortunately, he recovered within a few days.  Sarah had to wait until we were home.  I put in a little more of the border and was trying to make sure I had the proper calculations for my verse.  Then news of my dear sister and her family moving far far far away.  I decided I needed to make something for her (non-SL) and have been trying to work on that in bits and pieces of time.  She has now given me a very hard deadline 9/20!  I don't know if I can make it.  So all other evening/night occupations have been put on hold.

Well, here is what she looked like the beginning of January when I lost my way during my father-in-law's illness:

This is how far I got before I started a project for one of my dear sisters:

I couldn't sleep last night, so I started trying to catch up on all the posts I have missed the last many weeks on this blog.  Very exciting to see so many beautiful projects progressing and finishing!  I almost "needed" to get up and get to work on SS, but I will try to be self-disciplined.  Catching up was like having a cup of hot tea with dear friends!

It was especially exciting to see Jackie P. working on SS!  How wonderful to see such progress! I will be impatiently waiting to see further updates from Jackie and all the others working on each of their varied and lovely projects.



Jenny said...

Welcome back was good to see a post from you :) Your Sarah is just lovely and between your post and Jackie's Sarah has been on my mind lately. I find the most comforting thing about samplers is that they wait patiently while we do other things in our lives, bring back memories and are ready when we are to pick them up again....I may not be working on a sampler but looking at the progress I have made and the colours I have chosen bring me joy. Happy Stitching on whatever project you are working on.

Bethany said...

Sounds like life handed you a few distractions, when it comes to stitching. Your family is more important, your stitching will always be there waiting for the next stitch. We all find life has a way of keeping us busy. Welcome back and your sampler is lovely.

Nicola said...

Welcome back Rachel. One of the pluses of needlework is that we can put it down and pick it back up when time and mood allows.

If you need any help graphing your personalisation I am always here to help (if I can).

Serena B said...

What a beautiful sampler! Thank you for sharing your progress,it will be sure to be an extra special sampler!

Theresa said...

Your Sarah Siddall is looking very lovely! I am sorry things have been so hard for you lately and hope that stitching your sampler brings you some comfort.