Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Newest Start Frances Marshall

Well, I decided I couldn't wait for my Eleanor Parr to arrive, so I started on Frances Marshall.  She is really turning out to be a nice stitching piece.  The border is all different colors and well as different designs.  I like that I am not repeating the pattern over and over.  This is what I have so far. 

I am looking forward to seeing more posts from everyone.  For those of you in the North East, United States, I am sure not much stitching is getting done, with all the Fall leaves.  It sure was lovely seeing the colors, when I was with Mom in Ohio. 

Monday, 27 October 2014

Lady and the Castle

Hi all,

It has been forever since I've posted or spent much time on the blogs but I haven't forgotten about you. Here is a quick photo of where I'm at:

 A small bit of progress...

Keep up the good work. The brief time I've been able to spend on the blogs has left me very impressed -- as always.  Should this post entitle me to a contest entry of some sort, please don't enter me. I've not been around the blogs enough this summer to feel that I qualify.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Thank You

Elizabeth's draw

I received my chart- Christmas Sampler - along with a lovely surprise.  Sajou key chain.  Thank you so much Elizabeth!!

Sorry about the glare.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Mary Ann Macdonald..........

  I have been with mom, one week today.  The first few days, we were busy, visiting with friends, going to Stitchery Showcase at Stan Hywett and then an Apple Butter stirring and let me tell you, it was so cold outside, it was spitting ice.......  We survived and I have some Apple Butter to take back to Florida.

Mom and I have taken the last few days and stitched, I think I stitched a lot more, but I was on a mission.  Mom called our framer, Bonnie, to ask if she had time for us on Saturday.  From that moment on, I didn't stop and the last stitch went in today.  It was a lot of fun finishing up Mary, she had so many different stitches.  I changed a few things, but I don't think it hurts the sampler.  I added "My Scarlet Letter Year" and both my name as well as Mom's, as she stitched the Angel.  

The weather today is cloudy, so the photo's are not the best.  If the sun comes out before I leave, I will take a few more.  For now, these will have to do.

I'll bet you can't guess what my next sampler will be?
It comes out the end of October...

Monday, 6 October 2014

How to lose weight the (guaranteed!) Scarlett Letter way

This really works folks!

Instructions: (free trial included!)

1.  Find a clean bib (or towel.  Or blanket.  ANYTHING that works!  just don't dig into your daughter's new-baby-shower gifts...)

(especially for the first grandchild.  That would be very tacky!)

Tie bib securely around neck.  You are now ready for the SL weight loss program!

2.  Ok now this is where the rubber meets the road:

Get on the Scarlett Letter blog.  (It's easy!  in fact if you reading this, you are already there!)

3.  Now, look at the top of the page for "Gallery".  Click.

4.  (Pay attention to these following instructions carefully):  Click.  Drool.  Scroll.  Click.  Drool.  Scroll.  (repeat as many times as necessary).

(results within 15 minutes guaranteed!  tests have proven up to 2 pounds lost within 24 hours! no other diet can compare!)

(for even *more* weight loss, check out the Scarlett Letter website!)

here is your free trial: (sigh)

(CAUTION:  this method guaranteed to work with the following disclaimer: no chocolate (or cookies.  Or donuts!) (nope.  not even chips.) while surfing.)

(Note:this weight loss program has guaranteed success; patent pending.)

Is Summer really over? : )

It has been quite a while since I have posted!  our summer kind of flew by...and we went on vacation at the very end of it!  I did very little stitching while on vacation. 
We went to Cape Cod:

It was gorgeous!  our campsite was spacious:

However sometimes travel can be tedious:

and you do what you can to make life interesting.

We went to a 19th century village museum and the doctor's home had a few samplers on the is one:

Summer passed and there were other things that filled our days; garden harvesting (lots of rain this year and a huge yield)!  Jesse made his sister this lovely wooden box for her birthday:

(I am going to put that on my Christmas wish list!) and the boys had a serious golf tournament out back:

(Checking out the competition:)

Annie tried not to get Butterscotch in the way of the game as she led her in to be milked

well, folks, that is my life... the seasons go by, here we are well into Fall already! School has are back at work and school, and life is busy.  Stitching is a huge joy to me as my busy family and country life goes back into getting ready for (hopefully) the quiet winter days...

and like the Pringles commercials (you overseas folk won't know this one.  "No one can eat just one!") NO ONE (including me) can stitch just one (Scarlett Letter sampler)!  Here is my start on Hanna Katerina, a gorgeous sampler.  My next post will be coming up soon (I hope) with updates of my previous stitching but for today wanted to leave you with this.  I am so excited about this sampler! Marsha keeps churning them out (don't you just LOVE all the new samplers she's charted?) and I keep running (and panting) and running (and panting) to keep up with my needle:

Hope you are enjoying your Fall and looking forward to whatever time you can fit in to stitch! (I hope this post has not been too picture heavy, I apologize in advance! just showing you a glimpse of my life : )

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Sarah Siddell

Finished Sarah Siddell

The finished sampler

The lower half of the sampler

the left lower row

the rt. lower row

I have personalized this sampler for my granddaughter. I changed some of the colors on the flowers and the baskets because the white and cream colors did not have enough contrast with the background fabric. I have chosen a dark burley maple frame and will post again after it is laced and framed. The frame goes well with the red colors in the sampler. I will be choosing my next sampler soon and I have ordered a couple more samplers to add to my stash so my DH will know just what to give me for Christmas this year! One of course is Nicola's wonderful Eleanor Parr. The others are Hanna Katerina, IES and Ann Medd. I am so happy to have a finish project as I stitch slowly (stab and stick). I will also post my next project after I get it started. I may choose one from my present stash! I'll let you all know soon! This blog is so much fun and inspiring to keep stitching!!! I love looking at all of your samplers and watching your progress. I stitched this sampler in hand with no frames or hoops because it was all cross-stitch.but I have ordered a millennium frame. I love how it keeps the fabric so tight and it will also keep it cleaner. I think I will have my sampler dry cleaned to remove any of the oils from the hands before framing and lacing. Has anyone ever dry cleaned their samplers before framing? I hope they don't ruin it! I usually stitched my samplers with DMC floss so I could wash them before framing since I was in the habit of carrying them around from place to place as I was working on them and some of them became soiled because of this.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Ruthy Rogers udate

It has been a while and I desided it was time for a update on my Ruthy Rogers.  This is so relaxing and enjoyable it will be sad in a way to finish her. But then I can start another so that is excieting! I am about to start the flowers at the bottom then fill in the darker green background, so excieting!

I have been stitching away on Ruthy every night untill i am crosseyed. I hate to put her down! I would do another with the stem filling stitch because it is a easy stich even if it is time consumming. Thank you for letting me share! Bob