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Margaret Randolph
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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Sarah Siddell

Finished Sarah Siddell

The finished sampler

The lower half of the sampler

the left lower row

the rt. lower row

I have personalized this sampler for my granddaughter. I changed some of the colors on the flowers and the baskets because the white and cream colors did not have enough contrast with the background fabric. I have chosen a dark burley maple frame and will post again after it is laced and framed. The frame goes well with the red colors in the sampler. I will be choosing my next sampler soon and I have ordered a couple more samplers to add to my stash so my DH will know just what to give me for Christmas this year! One of course is Nicola's wonderful Eleanor Parr. The others are Hanna Katerina, IES and Ann Medd. I am so happy to have a finish project as I stitch slowly (stab and stick). I will also post my next project after I get it started. I may choose one from my present stash! I'll let you all know soon! This blog is so much fun and inspiring to keep stitching!!! I love looking at all of your samplers and watching your progress. I stitched this sampler in hand with no frames or hoops because it was all cross-stitch.but I have ordered a millennium frame. I love how it keeps the fabric so tight and it will also keep it cleaner. I think I will have my sampler dry cleaned to remove any of the oils from the hands before framing and lacing. Has anyone ever dry cleaned their samplers before framing? I hope they don't ruin it! I usually stitched my samplers with DMC floss so I could wash them before framing since I was in the habit of carrying them around from place to place as I was working on them and some of them became soiled because of this.


sallyfr said...

I just love those honeysuckles and Quaker swan.

Not that I am an expert in any way, but I would be extremely hesitant to even think about washing, let alone dry-cleaning the finished piece.

A customer of my Floridian friend who owns a needlework shop, dropped her finished piece of cross-stitch in a puddle just outside the shop.

The red threads ran something rotten - if you get my drift.

My friend was able to remove the runs but it took such a long time and a particular bottle of "something", I forget the name, but she did it in about 4 weeks. All I remember is that the bottle of "something" came from a branch of Publix and cost about $3.

She also used up a whole box of cotton buds, treating the finished work.

The piece was eventually cleared of red runs and framed.

When you get your Millenium frame, you will wonder how on earth you managed without it!

Krista said...

A wonderful finish!! Congratulations! You have so many good choices for the future too! Ann Medd has been on my want list for some time now.

I never wash any of my pieces so do not know what to think. Perhaps give the dry cleaner something else, a small piece with a few of the threads stitched on it as a test to see if any of the colors run.

Nicola said...

Good thinking Krista.

A wonderful finish - you must be very pleased with her. I have been waiting to see your sampler after discovering the loose "Parkman" connection we share.

I look forward to seeing her framed.

Dutch Beauty ended up in the bath after an incident with a mug of tea. It was after that I decided I had to use a frame and stand and have never looked back.

Jenny said...

Your sampler is just beautiful! I absolutely love everything about it. Congratulations on such a wonderful finish.

I agree with Krista on trying a sample piece at the dry cleaners first....I too don't usually wash my samplers, but reds scare me...LOL...

Looking forward to seeing your sampler framed as well as your next choice of a have named some of my favorites!

Bethany said...

Lovely finish. I hope all goes well with the DC. We all look forward to seeing her cleaned and framed. Great choices, by the way, I can't wait to see what you choose to start next. Where is Parkman, Ohio?

Winderwoodfarm said...

Awesome stitching, i had not noticed this sampler before. I like the colors you choose too. I cannot wait to see this framed. How exciting to start another! You are going to love the frame and wonder how you ever managed without! bob

Jackie Podboy said...

I have taken Sally's advise and I did not send my sampler to the cleaner. I have laced it and will take it to the framer tomorrow. I will post a picture when I get it back. Bethany, Parkman, Ohio is a small town about 35 miles southeast of Cleveland, Ohio.

Bethany said...

Jackie, I tired to find your email address, so I could email to you, but couldn't You didn't miss much at Stan Hywatt, the needlework didn't have a great representation. Only about 10-12 samplers. We were quite disappointed. But then, we didn't enter and non of the ladies mom stitches with enter either. I am here until Wednesday morning, if you get a chance, we would love for you to come and see mom's samplers. We are heading to Just Stitching, in Strongville and Crafty Ewe in Broadview Heights on Saturday. my email is