Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Ruthy Rogers Finish

Good Morning!
  I finished Ruthy yesterday and could not wait to get this picture posted! This will need to wait untill after the holidays to get to the framer, but till then i am still going to enjoy looking at this one. I will miss stitching on this, it was very relaxing and enjoyable. 
  I always have two projects going, right now it is A 18th Century Flower Garden charted for the Winterthur museum by he Examplarery. I will work on this for a day or two before starting the Manifesto. I always have atleast one Scarlet Letter piece in the works now it is time to get the Manifesto going. Stitching one this size is a large commitment but it will be well worth the time! 
i am in hopes i can continue to stitch six to eight hours every day so i can make good progress on this project. I am also going to commit to posting updates here every two weeks....lets see how that goes, lol!   
Happy Stitching!


Jenny said...

Congratulations Bob on an absolutely lovely finish! I can certainly understand why you cannot stop looking at her....she is just beautiful! It will be fun to watch your Manifesto progress, I love that sampler and admire anyone who is stitching her. I hope to stitch her too one day :)

Nicola Parkman said...

Absolutely wonderful Bob. Thank you for sharing her with us.

Looking forward to following Manifesto - which ct have you chosen?

Winderwoodfarm said...

I bought the 40 count silk kit. It was my birthday present to myself last year!

Vera said...

Such a beautiful finish Bob. You must be so, so happy. Can't wait to see/read your Manifesto progress reports.

Krista said...

Wonderful finish, Bob! Your Ruthy came out fabulous!

Bethany said...

Bob, I posted a comment on FB, but I still wanted to congratulate you here. Amazing finish and another amazing start to look forward to.

Margaret said...

Absolutely beautiful finish!

Erica near Chicago said...

Magnificent. Congratulations on the finish.

queenstownsamplerdesigns said...

Wonderful work Bob.

Love Ruthy and look forward to your Manifesto.

Serena B said...

Congratulations Bob,what a beautiful sampler..well done!
Looking forward to watching your Manifesto sampler come to life.