Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Thursday, 29 January 2015

Mary Hurst

Mary Hurst - Ready to begin the satin stitch motif flowers. 


Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Margaret Randolph 1826

Greetings my sampler loving friends~

.....I am pleased to show you my latest finish~ a Philadelphia Reproduction Sampler..... Margaret Randolph 1826 was a pure joy to stitch!

First, I must thank each of you who continues to post photos and comments about your Scarlet Letter workes.... Without that inspiration, I may not have even seen Margaret; much less been inspired to stitch her......

Margaret Randolph 1826
Stitched on 40 count Antique White Zweigert linen..... I used specified silks except for the brighter turquoise.... I substituted Caribbean Sea by Gloriana to add subtle depth.....

Margaret Randolph 1826
Margaret must have loved nature..... Flowers, birds & pretty butterflies~

Margaret Randolph 1826
There is a tad bit of over 1 stitching....

Seven year old Margaret adorned her sampler with her parents initials in a beautiful center wreath.... So sweet~ When I look at some of the seven year old First Grade girls in my class, I often wonder if they would find the discipline to stitch such a design.....
Margaret Randolph 1826
A mid-size sampler~ One I encourage you to take a second look at.....

Margaret Randolph 1826
Margaret Randolph 1826~

~Happy stitching, my friends!


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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Jean Scrimgeowr

This week I decided to pull out Jean and add a few more stitches.... easier said than done :9  I was able to locate the sampler and chart without problem..  but the threads were a different issue.  I had to look, look and look for a couple of days and was FINALLY able to find them.  I started stitching,  But to my horror, I was missing a few colors and had to "borrow" from another.  As  I was getting ready to add the flowers in the border, it happened again !!  I could not find the red I needed.  I KNOW I had used it earlier in the day but it must have sprung wings and flown out of my house.  It is no where to be seen .  I decided to post a picture of my WIP anyway.

Will I finish this in 2015 along with a few others??   I am not holding my breath  :)

Friday, 16 January 2015

January Stitching

Hello everyone!  (I am so sleep-challenged today, I have to admit two things: 1.  I first spelled hello, "hellow", and 2.  I had to re-set my blog password as I have forgotten it! sigh.)

In January I joined the Scarlet Letter stitch-along on facebook for Jenny Bean.  I have done very little on it as I haven't really been too thrilled with the linen I chose... for some reason I am having difficulty stitching it.  Here is a photo of the little I have done.  I did a restart on another piece of linen and am in the process of deciding whether I want to keep on with this one or make a change.

However it's a three day weekend here in the States as we remember Martin Luther King and I plan to get a lot of stitching done this weekend:

I have been doing a LOT of stitching on my Mary Ann Hutton sampler!  here is the 1st photo I had a couple of weeks ago.

and here is what I have done since then.  I love THIS linen.  It's Lakeside Buttercream and so nice to stitch on!  (There are a  few tiny mistakes which I will decide whether to keep or fix):

I have so many stitching goals for 2015!  there are so many lovely Scarlet Letter samplers to choose from.  One of my favorite 'down-time' things to do (to relax) is to get myself some hot tea and browse the gallery on this blog!

Hope everyone is surviving the winter ok.  Cold weather is good stitching weather!

Happy stitching,

Monday, 12 January 2015

Ann Smith Start

I started Ann Smith a couple of weeks ago, and am loving her.  I'm using the charted AVAS threads, but I don't know what linen I have.  It was in the package with my chart so I  wonder if perhaps it is from the SL.  I bought the chart so many years  ago that I can't remember.

This is what my sampler looked like a few days ago.  Since taking the photo, I've stitched two more flowers on the side borders and also a couple hundred more eyelets over two linen threads.  Progress on the latter is very slow.

Monday, 5 January 2015

MD 1660 The Unicorn Sampler (4)

I continue working on MD 1660 The Unicorn Sampler.

I wish to everyone Happy New Year 2015!! I also wish everyone and from my heart, that each of your dreams come true!

With respect to work, I'm back! Actually I have not stopped doing things, I worked, but I have not posted, that's all.

So, it's time to publish!

Here I put a photo, for you remember this sampler and here is my last step. Still I have not finishing the second band of lace, but I finished the alphabet in Italian cross stitch. In fact after I take the photo, I have read the instructions carefully again because I had already forgotten them.

I'll end the second band, once I work more on this sampler because when it comes to a complicated embroidery, sometimes I take a little bit of time for getting used to those stitches again.

For this sampler I used DMC threads, the embroidery is done on 40 Count Newcastle Linen in ivory color.

See you soon!!

MMD 1660 Unicorn Sampler 04-8
MMD 1660 Unicorn Sampler 04-9g

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Mary Gail stitched on 40 ct Autumn Gold over 2 threads one strand of floss She is 12 x 12, 

Sarah Low is my new start,