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Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Friday, 16 January 2015

January Stitching

Hello everyone!  (I am so sleep-challenged today, I have to admit two things: 1.  I first spelled hello, "hellow", and 2.  I had to re-set my blog password as I have forgotten it! sigh.)

In January I joined the Scarlet Letter stitch-along on facebook for Jenny Bean.  I have done very little on it as I haven't really been too thrilled with the linen I chose... for some reason I am having difficulty stitching it.  Here is a photo of the little I have done.  I did a restart on another piece of linen and am in the process of deciding whether I want to keep on with this one or make a change.

However it's a three day weekend here in the States as we remember Martin Luther King and I plan to get a lot of stitching done this weekend:

I have been doing a LOT of stitching on my Mary Ann Hutton sampler!  here is the 1st photo I had a couple of weeks ago.

and here is what I have done since then.  I love THIS linen.  It's Lakeside Buttercream and so nice to stitch on!  (There are a  few tiny mistakes which I will decide whether to keep or fix):

I have so many stitching goals for 2015!  there are so many lovely Scarlet Letter samplers to choose from.  One of my favorite 'down-time' things to do (to relax) is to get myself some hot tea and browse the gallery on this blog!

Hope everyone is surviving the winter ok.  Cold weather is good stitching weather!

Happy stitching,


Jenny said...

Both samplers look just lovely Theresa! I know what you mean though about stitching on linen you are not liking....I find myself setting aside a project and usually not picking it up again if the linen drives me crazy....I too have started over and am usually happier when I do. Happy Stitching!

Beth in IL said...

Love your samplers!!!Nice job.

Theresa said...

Thanks Jenny, I am finding that when I am not happy with the process (and I'm not too far along), like you, it's best to restart. Thanks so much for the encouragement! hope your winter is giving you time to stitch inside where it's nice and warm! : )

Krista said...

Love your progress, Theresa! Great to see Jenny on a different color background. Mary Hutton is one of my faves so I love seeing your updates.

Serena B said...

Your samplers are very pretty,nice progress! They look like nice pieces to be working on during winter...cheerful samplers!

Mary Banks said...

hi, i bought linen in Tranished silver.

i got this idea on on a blog, and thought Id find Jenny

Bean much easier on this than the black linen.

I have nt started yet but will post as i go....when i start !!!